What we do

Our mission is to engage young people in mindful movement, meditation and play to cultivate individual emotional and physical wellbeing that contributes to community change and global transformation.

At InnerConnected, we utilize mindful movement, meditation and play as vehicles for teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL skills are largely recognized as self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. 

Increasing SEL within a child’s education has been demonstrated to improve attitudes about the self and others, promote positive social behaviors and increase connection to school community, while also decreasing behavior problems and stress levels. Along with this, SEL promotes educating the whole student by recognizing both psychological and academic needs. 

SEL is a lifelong process and studies have shown that all learning – academic, social and emotional is inextricably linked. For this reason we have chosen to encompass SEL within our programs to act as a beacon to guide every young person to recognize their limitless potential.

Curriculum Overview

InnerConnected’s curriculum is comprised of three sections: Me, You, and We

Part 1: Me


It starts with “me”. All change starts with individual change, what happens on the inside affects what happens on the outside. Our curriculum promotes self awareness and self management utilizing themes such as “My Emotions” and “My Power” to encourage curiosity and learning about one’s self to celebrate one’s strengths and individuality.

Part 2: You


The second portion of the curriculum focuses on interactions with others. Asking participants to broaden their perspective by investigating relationships, making more informed decisions and exploring “You” in relation to “Me“. Just as the development of an individual, ”me” naturally expands to include “you,” as a sense of identity and social awareness are developed through topics including “Reacting versus Responding” and “Actions and Intentions“.

Part 3: We


Lastly, we combine the “Me” and the “You” to create “We,” to recognize what it means to be an individual, yet also part of a community, as youth learn experientially about concepts of “Interconnectedness” and “Unity“.


Ambassador Program

“Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.” Arthur Koestler

InnerConnected Ambassadors are enthusiastic individuals who align with our philosophy, embodying our organizational core values as they deliver IC’s social emotional learning curriculum to actively engaged youth.

Displaying a curiosity and propensity for self inquiry, IC Ambassadors are willing to learn, evolve and collaborate. Augmenting their skillsets with our training, Ambassadors hail from a variety of backgrounds including Education, Social Work, Wellness and Volunteerism including Americorps and Peace Corps Volunteers.