Understanding Mindfulness

Mindfulness is paying attention without judgement. It’s a way of connecting with yourself and the world around you. As we understand ourselves by looking at our own thoughts and feelings, we handle life in a more resilient way. We are better able to be courageous, persistent, and understanding. When things are hard, even when they seem impossible, we find that […]

What does Virtual Programming look like?

Adapting to Virtual Programming is imperative to the survival of InnerConnected. As an Ambassador who has implemented in-person sessions and has seen the benefits of the program in the youth served, it is crucial for the organization to adapt to the current situation. While in the midst of a global pandemic, virtually nothing happening in-person, everything has shifted into online. […]

An Ambassadors Perspective of Virtual Programming

With so many things switching to online, with so many youth being stuck behind a computer and losing the connection of reality with virtual reality, there has never been a larger need for Social Emotional Learning. In case you don’t know, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, […]