Summer Camp Magic with Project Libertad 🥳

Summer Camp Magic with Project Libertad 🥳

This summer we partnered with Project Libertad, an organization that provides newcomer immigrant youth and their families with legal advocacy and support, to offer mindful movement, meditation and play at their Summer Camp. We provided ten youth six sessions of laughter, learning and connection, planting seeds of resilience and wellbeing.

As InnerConnected fosters youth development and resilience by increasing access to wellness tools, young people may develop themselves, improve their relationships and give back to their communities. We believe every young person has the right to emotional and physical wellbeing so they may realize their inherent value and limitless potential. Thank you Project Libertad for such an awesome camp, we can’t wait to be back again soon!

A Summer from Summer Camp 😎

Nine sets of eyes above masked faces peered at me with curiosity, wondering what we’d be doing on this first day of summer camp together. I gazed back with similar curiosity and tons of excitement at this momentous occasion, knowing this group would be the first to experience our new trauma-informed curriculum AND our first in-person InnerConnected program being run here in the US!

We breathed and moved together through our first session, focusing on grounding and self image to encourage youth to recognize their inherent strength. Exploring our creativity, we drew self portraits identifying traits we loved about ourselves along the way. Seeing their drawings and hearing their self reflection heartened my belief in the magic groups like this create. We closed our session with a period of restful meditation and three collective belly breaths. 

As I looked around the room at the young masked faces, I was reminded of the importance of these practices. We’ve all been through a lot these last 16 months. We all deserve three collective breaths.

Project Libertad Summer Camp participants, led by Megan, IC Director

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