Supporting India Amidst COVID Surge

Supporting India Amidst COVID Surge

India is currently battling a COVID surge that has overwhelmed hospitals, causing a despairing situation of suffering and death. People around the world are rallying together to get India the supplies and support it needs to control the surge and save lives.

As we send light and love to the people of India, we also wish to share resources of verified organizations working hard to bring emergency services to those in need.

  • Support transgender Indians, who are often rejected by their families and experience homelessness with Transgender Welfare Equity & Empowerment Trust.
  • Volunteer to be part of disaster response and preparedness projects across India with Rapid Response.
  • Provide critical services for homeless and vulnerable children with Make a Difference.
  • Support marginalized women and girls, by providing oxygen and PPE kits to frontline workers in their communities with CARE.
  • For more trusted fundraisers, visit GoFundMe.

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